Azilawati Azizan

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User tends to reformulate query several times when the retrieved result is irrelevant or insufficient. This situation happened because the user is actually having difficulties to translate their information needs into a query that the search engine can fully maximized their algorithm. This problem arises not only in general information search but also in(More)
In most cases, users are unable to precisely translate their information needs into a query format for the search system to process. Users often submit queries containing terms or keywords that do not match with their intended information. That is why user normally reformulates queries several times to gain more information and relevant set of results. The(More)
Query reformulation techniques based on ontological approach have been studied as a method to improve retrieval effectiveness. However, the evaluation of this techniques has primarily focused on comparing the technique with ontology and without ontology. The aim of this paper is to present, evaluate and compare the proposed technique in four different(More)
Planning suitable menus for individuals who have health problems is a complex task since the solutions produced by professionals (dietitians) are usually very subjective and difficult to be systematically represented. This research focused on designing the knowledge base repository construction which consists of the existing cases to be used as the(More)
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