Aziguli Wulamu

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With a growing amount of data, a viable solution is to use a cluster consisting of a large of computers for parallel processing, and Hadoop parallel computing platform is a typical representative. Clustering analysis for time series data is one of the main methods mining time series data, however, general clustering algorithms can't perform clustering for(More)
Knowledge Acquisition has been the focus in knowledge engineering for a long time. In this paper, knowledge acquisition technique based on structural analysis is formed by applying structural modeling, which is on basis of knowledge structural model. This technique can be applied to knowledge acquisition by dynamic interaction; and the new knowledge is(More)
This paper proposes a new spatial query called a reverse direction-based surrounder (RDBS) query, which retrieves a user who is seeing a point of interest (POI) as one of their direction-based surrounders (DBSs). According to a user, one POI can be dominated by a second POI if the POIs are directionally close and the first POI is farther from the user than(More)
Skyline is defined as a set of objects in a multidimensional dataset. It returns objects which are not dominated by any other objects in the set. An object p dominates object p' if and only if it is not worse than p' on all of the attributes (dimensions) and is better than p' on at least one attribute. Given the same kind of dataset, the skyline group query(More)
Though slope disaster management practice has accumulated a lot of success and failure of slope treatment project cases, large amounts of data information produced by these engineering cases were not been taken full advantage of therefore caused great waste of resources. Fully development and usage of large amounts of stability-known slope experience(More)
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is the study of human physiology and pathology, and the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of human diseases. The traditional Chinese medicine knowledge system is complex and its structure is huge. Therefore, it faces considerable obstacles in terms of knowledge sharing, exchanging and interfusing. Traditional(More)
Dynamic scene stitching still has a great challenge in maintaining the global key information without missing or deforming if multiple motion interferences exist in the image acquisition system. Object clips, motion blurs, or other synthetic defects easily occur in the final stitching image. In our research work, we proceed from human visual cognitive(More)
—Motion blur is a common degradation which usually brings difficulties to subsequent image process and analysis of a machine vision system. In this paper, an effective restoration scheme is proposed for high-overlapped image sequence with composite motion blurs which refer to the blurs caused during the exposure time by dual relative motions among the(More)