Azharul Islam Khan

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The study assessed the impact of an EPI (Expanded Programme on Immunization) intervention package, implemented within the existing service-delivery system, to improve the child immunization coverage in urban slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh. This intervention trial used a pre- and post-test design. An intervention package was tested from September 2006 to August(More)
Tuberculosis (TB) case detection under the Directly Observed Treatment - Short-course (DOTS) strategy largely relies upon care seeking of chronic coughers and the actions taken by their healthcare providers. This study aimed to describe the healthcare utilization of people 15 years of age with a chronic cough in urban areas of Bangladesh and to understand(More)
During August 2008-June 2009, an estimated 95,531 suspected cases of cholera and 4,282 deaths due to cholera were reported during the 2008 cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe. Despite the efforts by local and international organizations supported by the Zimbabwean Ministry of Health and Child Welfare in the establishment of cholera treatment centres throughout the(More)
The study objective was to ascertain the extent to which the need for primary health care services among street-dwellers is being met through existing facilities. This community-based cross-sectional study was conducted in Dhaka city over a 12-month period from June 2007 to May 2008. The study population included ever-married females and males aged 15-49(More)
BACKGROUND This study describes phenotypic, genotypic and antibiotic susceptibility patterns of the strains isolated from the 2012 Sierra Leone cholera outbreak. Rectal swabs were collected from patients and cultured for Vibrio cholerae O1. METHODS The isolates were subjected to multiplex PCR, mismatch amplification mutation assay (MAMA) PCR, pulsed field(More)
The present study investigated prospectively programmatic factors relating to dropouts in child vaccination in 6 subdistricts of Bangladesh. A cross-sectional survey (n = 2700) was conducted estimating overall coverage of immunization using cluster sampling. The eligible subsample of children (n = 1064) was followed up prospectively to understand reasons(More)
Close interpersonal contact likely drives spatial clustering of cases of cholera and diarrhea, but spatial clustering of risk factors may also drive this pattern. Few studies have focused specifically on how exposures for disease cluster at small spatial scales. Improving our understanding of the micro-scale clustering of risk factors for cholera may help(More)
This paper details the phenotypic, genotypic, and antibiotic sensitivity patterns of 88 Vibrio cholerae strains from Zimbabwe. Of the 88 strains, 83 were classified as "altered El Tor" and 5 as "hybrid El Tor" strains. All of the strains were susceptible to tetracycline, doxycycline, ciprofloxacin, and azithromycin by disc diffusion, but susceptibility to(More)
This article assessed the status of childhood vaccination coverage and the possibility of using selected alternative vaccination strategies in rural hard-to-reach haor (low lying) areas of Bangladesh. Data were collected through survey, in-depth interviews, group discussion, and observations of vaccination sessions. Complete immunization coverage among 12-(More)