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— We study the impact of heterogeneity of nodes, in terms of their energy, in wireless sensor networks that are hierarchically clustered. In these networks some of the nodes become cluster heads, aggregate the data of their cluster members and transmit it to the sink. We assume that a percentage of the population of sensor nodes is equipped with additional(More)
—Recently, the notion of self-similarity has been shown to apply to wide-area and local-area network traffic. In this paper, we show evidence that the subset of network traffic that is due to World Wide Web (WWW) transfers can show characteristics that are consistent with self-similarity, and we present a hypothesized explanation for that self-similarity.(More)
Cloud computing's transition from a subject of research and innovation to a critical infrastructure is proceeding incredibly quickly. One potentially dangerous consequence of this speedy transition is the premature adoption and ossification of the models, technologies, and standards underlying this critical infrastructure. Further exacerbating this issue,(More)
Whether teaching in a classroom or a Massive Online Open Course it is crucial to present the material in a way that benefits the audience as a whole. We identify two important tasks to solve towards this objective; (1.) group students so that they can maximally benefit from peer interaction and (2.) find an optimal schedule of the educational material for(More)
Threat propagation analysis is a valuable tool in improving the cyber resilience of enterprise networks. As these networks are interconnected and threats can propagate not only within but also across networks, a holistic view of the entire network can reveal threat propagation trajectories unobservable from within a single enterprise. However, companies are(More)
—With the recent trend in crowdsourcing, i.e., using the power of crowds to assist in satisfying demand, the pool of resources suitable for GeoPresen-ce-capable systems has expanded to include already roaming devices, such as mobile phones, and moving vehicles. We envision an environment, in which the motion of these crowdsourced mobile resources is(More)
Providing performance predictability guarantees is increasingly important in cloud platforms, especially for data-intensive applications, for which performance depends greatly on the available rates of data transfer between the various comput-ing/storage hosts underlying the virtualized resources assigned to the application. With the increased prevalence of(More)
Network scanners are a valuable tool for researchers and administrators, however they are also used by malicious actors to identify vulnerable hosts on a network. Upon the disclosure of a security vulnerability, scans are launched within hours. These opportunistic attackers enumerate blocks of IP addresses in hope of discovering an exploitable host.(More)