Azeet Narayan

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Detection of cell-free tumor DNA in the blood has offered promise as a cancer biomarker, but practical clinical implementations have been impeded by the lack of a sensitive and accurate method for quantitation that is also simple, inexpensive, and readily scalable. Here we present an approach that uses next-generation sequencing to quantify the small(More)
BACKGROUND The secretory proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tuberculosis) have been known to be involved in the virulence, pathogenesis as well as proliferation of the pathogen. Among this set, many proteins have been hypothesized to play a critical role at the genesis of the onset of infection, the primary site of which is invariably the human(More)
We describe a method called modular, early-tagged amplification (META) RNA profiling that can quantify a broad panel of microRNAs or mRNAs simultaneously across many samples and requires far less sequence depth than existing digital profiling technologies. The method assigns quantitative tags during reverse transcription to permit up-front sample pooling(More)
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