Azeemuddin Khan

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Nibbling has been reported to decrease serum cholesterol under fasting conditions, as well as the incidence of cardiovascular disease. It has been suggested that these effects are partly attributable to reduced concentrations of serum insulin, which are also observed. However, data on the effects of nibbling on serum lipids throughout the day are not(More)
The effect of two different doses (400 and 800 mg/kg body wt/day for 15 days) of a 95% ethanolic extract of the seeds of Brassica compestris (var sarason) was examined on carcinogen metabolizing phase-I and phase-II enzymes,antioxidant enzymes and glutathione content and lipid peroxidation in the liver of Swiss albino mice. Positive control mice were(More)
A study has been carried out to assess the potential use of pectin in combination with two added hydrocolloids, i.e., hydroxy-propyl-methyl cellulose and hydroxyethyl cellulose in varied concentrations and coated with ethyl cellulose and cellulose acetate phthalate. The results of in vitro drug release showed that the matrix tablets prepared with pectin,(More)
The present study reports the modulatory influence of 95% ethanolic extract from the seeds of B. compestris on the activity of phase-II enzymes such as glutathione S-transferase (GST), DT-diaphorase (DTD) and reduced glutathione (GSH) level in the skin, lung, kidney and forestomach of the mouse. Oral treatment with the seed extract at 800 mg/kg body wt. for(More)
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