Azeddine Chikh

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The reuse, in document engineering and more particularly in e-learning, is a new research orientation. The state of the art on the matter suffers primarily from the lack of methodology. This article is interested in this field and tries to define a methodological approach able to deal with it. This one makes it possible to define the reuse in document(More)
Software Requirement Specification (SRS) is frequently evolving to reflect requirements change during project development. Therefore, it needs enhancement to facilitate its authoring and reuse. This paper proposes a framework for building a part of SRS related to information security requirements (ISRs) using ontologies. Such a framework allows ensuring(More)
With the vast movement toward promoting and developing models, practices, and technological environments in the engineering domain, a need exists to facilitate communication, collaboration, and coordination among its actors. Communities of Practice (CoPs) represent the natural and logical solution to answer these needs. In this paper, the authors propose a(More)
We present a new unsupervised segmentation of textural images based on integration of a texture descriptor in the formulation of active contour. The proposed texture descriptor intrinsically describes the geometry of textural regions using the shape operator defined in Beltrami framework. We use the Chernoff distance to define an active contours model which(More)
The paper presents a recommendation-based approach for knowledge resources in Communities of Practice of E-learning (CoPEs). The proposed approach is based on the hybrid semantic information filtering (IF), integrating the content-based filtering, the collaborative filtering and the ontology-based filtering approaches. The main idea is to apply a(More)
In this paper, we have proposed the design of a Security Information Management Ontology (SIMOnto) framework, which utilizes natural language processing and statistical analysis to mine an exhaustive list of concepts and their relationships in an automatic way. Concepts are extracted using TF-IDF and LSA techniques whereas, relations between them are mined(More)