Azbayar Demberel

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This paper introduces Automat, a testbed architecture and prototype for research in autonomic services and hosting centers. Automat is an interactive web-based laboratory in which users allocate resources from an ondemand server cluster to experiment with controller policies for sense-and-respond monitoring and adaptation by hosted services and, crucially,(More)
Utility computing delivers compute and storage resources to applications as an 'on-demand utility', much like electricity, from a distributed collection of computing resources. There is great interest in running database applications on utility resources (e.g., Oracle's Grid initiative) due to reduced infrastructure and management costs, higher resource(More)
This paper addresses “reflective” control for applications that use server resources from a shared cloud infrastructure opportunistically. In this approach, an external reflective controller launches application functions based on knowledge of what resources are available from the cloud, their cost, and their value to the application through time. As a(More)
With the WWW growing hour by hour, searching and obtaining high quality relevant results from the collection of unstructured/unorganized information (which WWW trully is) has become a complicated task. In addition, web sites are written in multiple languages, styles and dialects, containing truth, falsehood, wisdom, propaganda or sheer nonsense.(More)
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