Azat Abdullin

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In the developing hippocampus, GABA exerts depolarizing and excitatory actions and contributes to the generation of neuronal network driven giant depolarizing potentials (GDPs). Here, we studied spike time coding at immature GABAergic synapses and its impact on synchronization of the neuronal network during GDPs in the neonatal (postnatal days P2-6) rat(More)
Both transmembrane and extracellular cues, one of which is collagen XIII, regulate formation and function of the neuromuscular synapse, and their absence results in myasthenia. We show that the phenotypical changes in collagen XIII knock-out mice are milder than symptoms in human patients, but the Col13a1-/- mice recapitulate major muscle findings of(More)
Program analysis is rapidly changing the way we develop software; one of the more important problems is that of function contract creation, as these contracts can greatly increase the quality and performance of the analysis. However, the predominant way of creating function contracts is their manual development by the end-user. In this paper we present an(More)
In the musculus soleus of mature male rats, 6 weeks after thyroidectomy, muscle fibers with a low adenosin triphosphatase activity of myosin decrease in number, as well as the cross section area of the muscle fibers with a moderate and high activity of the enzyme. Optic density of the muscle fibers staining also decreases when succinatedehydrogenase(More)
Musculus gastrocnemius and m. soleus in Wistar rats have been studied at a prolonged static loading. The static loading does not produce any changes in the animals' body mass and in m. gastrocnemius, while the mass of m. soleus statistically differs after the experiment. There are some changes in relative amount of muscle fibres: in m. gastrocnemius the(More)
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