Azam Rezaei Farimani

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OBJECTIVES Visfatin and vaspin are secreted by adipose tissue and play key roles in glucose homeostasis and subsequently are potential targets for diabetes treatment. Resveratrol (RVS) corrects insulin secretion and improves insulin sensitivity. We investigated the RVS effects on serum antioxidants, insulin and glucose levels, also visfatin and vaspin genes(More)
BACKGROUND Glucose uptake by muscles and fat cells is carried out by the GLUT4 system. Isoforms of the SNAP23, syntaxin-4 and VAMP-2 play an important role in regulating GLUT-4 trafficking and fusion in adipocytes. The changes of SNARE proteins levels and thus impaired GLUT-4 displacement can be one of the etiological causes of type 2 diabetes. Due to(More)
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