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OBJECTIVES Impacted teeth, if left untreated, have a potential to induce various complications. The aim of the current study was to determine the prevalence and pattern of impacted mandibular third molar in the Iranian population. STUDY DESIGN This cross-sectional study was performed in patients who were referred to the Department of Oral Radiology(More)
BACKGROUND Refractory epilepsy is a significant problem in clinical practice. Sometimes, multiple antiepileptic drugs are required to control the attacks. To avoid various complications ensuring from these drugs, new methods of treatment such as vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) have been recommended. Trigeminal nerve stimulation (TNS) is a new method under(More)
BACKGROUND Frequency of migraine changes at different times of a woman's reproductive cycle because of fluctuation of estrogen levels. Breast cancer has also a link with hormonal changes. Given this fact that both migraine and breast cancer are affected by estrogen, the prevalence of migraine may be different in breast cancer patients compared to the normal(More)
BACKGROUND Term of doing computer games among teenagers is growing rapidly. This popular phenomenon can cause physical and psychosocial issues in them. Therefore, this study examined the relationship between computer games and quality of life domains in adolescents aging 12-15 years. MATERIALS AND METHODS In a cross-sectional study using the 2-stage(More)
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