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We describe a new interaction technique, called a spotlight, for directing the visual attention of an audience when viewing data or presentations on large wall-sized displays. A spotlight is simply a region of the display where the contents are displayed normally while the remainder of the display is somewhat darkened. In this paper we define the behavior(More)
We describe a new widget and interaction technique, known as a "Frisbee," for interacting with areas of a large display that are difficult or impossible to access directly. A frisbee is simply a portal to another part of the display. It consists of a local "telescope" and a remote "target". The remote data surrounded by the target is drawn in the telescope(More)
Literally hundreds of thousands of users of 2D computer-aided design (CAD) tools are in the difficult process of transitioning to 3D CAD tools. A common problem for these users is disorientation in the abstract virtual 3D environments that occur while developing new 3D scenes. To help address this problem, we present a novel in-scene 3D widget called the(More)
Previous systems have explored the challenges of designing an interface for automotive styling which combine the metaphor of 2D drawing using physical tape with the simultaneous creation and management of a corresponding virtual 3D model. These systems have been limited to only 2D planar curves while typically the principal characteristic curves of an(More)
We describe a novel approach to inferring 3D curves from perspective drawings in an interactive design tool. Our methods are based on a traditional design drawing style known as <i>analytic drawing</i>, which supports precise image-space construction of a linear 3D scaffold. This scaffold in turn acts as a set of visual constraints for sketching 3D curves.(More)
We describe a new type of graphical user interface widget, known as a "tracking menu." A tracking menu consists of a cluster of graphical buttons, and as with traditional menus, the cursor can be moved within the menu to select and interact with items. However, unlike traditional menus, when the cursor hits the edge of the menu, the menu moves to continue(More)
A study is described which examines the drawing accuracy of experts when drawing foreshortened projections of 3D curves in ecologically-valid conditions. The main result of this study is that the distribution of error in expert drawings exhibits a bias similar to that previously observed in non-expert subjects, which is dependent on the degree of(More)
"Cloud Computing", a new wave in the Internet revolution, transforms the kind of services provided over the Internet. The Cloud Services can be viewed from two perspectives, one as Cloud Service Provider and the other as Cloud Service Consumer. Assurance of security in the Cloud Service is a major challenge for the Providers, as it&apos;s the biggest(More)
Studies shows that finding frequent sub-graphs in uncertain graphs database is an NP complete problem. Finding the frequency at which these sub-graphs occur in uncertain graph database is also computationally expensive. This paper focus on investigation of mining frequent sub-graph patterns in DBLP uncertain graph data using an approximation based method.(More)