Azah Syafiah Mohd Marzuki

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Wideband code division multiple access (WCDMA) or widely known as 3G in Malaysia, promises more data-enriched services at higher data rates. However, 3G cell radius is much smaller compared to GSM and thus more base stations are required to cover a comparable GSM area. Another solution to solve the coverage problem is through repeater deployment.(More)
In WCDMA systems, which introduce multimedia services, the demand for good indoor coverage is very important. Implementing repeaters can provide a sufficient level of general indoor coverage. However, in order to be able to provide WCDMA indoor coverage within traffic hot spots, such as office buildings, the deployment of dedicated in-building systems is(More)
This paper presents a planar bandpass filter design and its realization using 127μm RT/Duroid 5880 for 40GHz wireless communications applications. The filter has been designed at the center frequency of 41GHz with 2GHz passband using classical hairpin structure. The hairpin filter layout formulation is presented. Agilent's Advanced Design System(More)
Wireless communication systems operating at above 10 GHz are exposed to rain attenuation. Therefore, countries with high precipitation rate such as Malaysia, require careful planning before establishing a reliable wireless link. Signal attenuation due to rain can be measured or estimated, but it requires the knowledge of local 1-minute rainfall rate(More)
This paper presents empirical data on the indoor and the outdoor propagation loss for Ku-band frequencies of 13.7 GHz and 16 GHz. The Line-of-Sight (LOS) propagation involved 30 m office corridor for indoor and 105 m jogging track for outdoor. The blockage attenuation due to indoor materials and outdoor objects were also measured. It is found that 16 GHz(More)
This paper presents the study on the rain attenuation at 40 GHz via terrestrial link in Malaysia. Malaysia is situated in the tropical region and known to experience a very heavy rainfall annually. Consequently, this heavy rainfall has high impact on the millimeter wave propagating signals. In this study, rainfall data at Cyberjaya were collected using rain(More)
CDMA2000 technology deployment in the 450MHz band offers significantly larger cell size than any other 3G cellular network. However, there are always ‘coverage hole’ due to fading and shadowing. Thus, repeaters being the quick and economical solution; have been widely used to fill the gap in coverage. This paper presents the Power Amplifier(More)
This paper presents the implementation of classical hairpin filter using Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for gigabit wireless application in the millimeter-wave band. The filter has been designed for 2GHz bandwidth at 41GHz center frequency. The filter samples were fabricated using 127μm thick Rogers RT/Duroid 5880 with Ground-Signal-Ground (GSG) pads to(More)
This paper presents the interference study between CDMA850 and WCDMA900 in Malaysia. Both Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) systems are adjacent to one another spectrally without definite guard band and their coexistence becomes an issue when they are on reverse duplex. The WCDMA900 sites have claimed interference from CDMA850 Base Station transmitter. An(More)
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