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This paper proposed a novel method for the optimal location of the power system stabilizer (PSS) by integrating the improved particle swarm optimization (IPSO) with the chaotic. The modification in the particle swarm optimization (PSO) is made by introducing passive congregation which is an important biological force which preserves swarm integrity. It(More)
Power system stabilizers (PSSs) are the most well known and efficient devices to damp the power system oscillations caused by interruptions. Low frequency oscillation problems are very difficult to solve because power systems are very large, complex and geographically distributed. Hence, it is necessary to employ most efficient optimization methods to take(More)
Load shedding is some of the essential requirement for maintaining security of modern power systems, particularly in competitive energy markets. This paper proposes an intelligent scheme for fast and accurate load shedding using neural networks for predicting the possible loss of load at the early stage and neuro-fuzzy for determining the amount of load(More)
This study proposed a novel algorithm to tune and coordinate power system stabilizers (PSSs) in multi-machine power systems. For a multi-machine power system, the coordination of the PSS parameters is generally formulated as an objective function with constraints including the damping ratio and damping factor. A novel hybrid particle swarm optimization(More)
Power system security assessment based on the concept of risk is required in the current power environment. In risk based security assessment, the likelihood and severity of security violation are the two main factors that determine the security level of a power system. To evaluate likelihood of security violation, the probability technique based on Poisson(More)
Static Var compensator (SVC) is normally used in power system to improve voltage profile and reduce system power losses. In this paper, a relatively new optimization technique named as the improved harmony search algorithm (IHS) is applied to determine optimal location and size of SVC devices in a transmission network. A multi-criterion objective function(More)
The high penetration level of distributed generation (DG) provides numerous potential environmental benefits, such as high reliability, efficiency, and low carbon emissions. However, the effective detection of islanding and rapid DG disconnection is essential to avoid safety problems and equipment damage caused by the island mode operations of DGs. The(More)
Keywords: Contingency analysis Vulnerability assessment Control Computational intelligence Artificial neural networks Fuzzy logic a b s t r a c t This paper discusses the feasibility of implementing computational intelligence algorithms for power system analysis in an open source environment. The scope is specially oriented to education, training and(More)