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Here we describe a novel caged form of the highly reactive bioeffector molecule, nitroxyl (HNO). Reacting the labile nitric oxide (NO)- and HNO-generating salt of structure iPrHN-N(O)═NO(-)Na(+) (1, IPA/NO) with BrCH(2)OAc produced a stable derivative of structure iPrHN-N(O)═NO-CH(2)OAc (2, AcOM-IPA/NO), which hydrolyzed an order of magnitude more slowly(More)
BACKGROUND The angiotensin II receptor subtype 2 (AT2 receptor) is ubiquitously and highly expressed in early postnatal life. However, its role in postnatal cardiac development remained unclear. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS Hearts from 1, 7, 14 and 56 days old wild-type (WT) and AT2 receptor-deficient (KO) mice were extracted for histomorphometrical(More)
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