Azadeh Sadat Mozafari

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When a trained classifier on specific domain (source domain) is applied in a different domain (target domain) the accuracy is degraded significantly. The main reason for this degradation is the distribution difference between the source and target domains. Domain adaptation aims to lessen this accuracy degradation. In this paper, we focus on adaptation for(More)
Random Forest (RF) is a successful paradigm for learning classifiers due to its ability to learn from large feature spaces and seamlessly integrate multi-class classification, as well as the achieved accuracy and processing efficiency. However, as many other classifiers, RF requires domain adaptation (DA) provided that there is a mismatch between the(More)
Human detection is one of the hard problems in object detection field. There are many challenges like variation in human pose, different clothes, non-uniform illumination, cluttered background and occlusion which make this problem much harder than other object detection problems. Defining good features, which can be robust to this wide range of variations,(More)
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