Azadeh Iranmehr

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The contemporary Web is heading towards its next stage of evolution. From a clump of unorganized information spaces, the Web is becoming more focused on the meaning of information that is a Semantic Web. Trust is an integral component in semantic web, allowing people to act under uncertainty and with the risk of negative consequences. In this paper we(More)
Grid is concerned with the sharing and coordinated use of diverse resources in distributed "virtual organizations.” The dynamic and multi-institutional nature of these environments introduces challenging security issues that demand new technical approaches. In particular, one must deal with diverse local mechanisms, support dynamic creation of(More)
The Web application security challenge is to understand and assess the risk involved in securing a Web service today, based on existing security technology, and at the same time track emerging standards and understand how they will be used to offset the risk in new Web services. Any trust model must illustrate how data can flow through an application and(More)
Generally speaking, there is no single solution for security architecture in each enterprise; however, there are common elements of security architecture that enterprises should consider when developing their security plan. Security services provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability services for the platform. This paper describes a way to map(More)
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