Azadeh Harandi

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INTRODUCTION This case report describes apexogenesis treatment of three molar teeth of an 8-year-old boy using three different pulpotomy agents. METHODS Pulpotomy was performed on decayed immature molar teeth with established irreversible pulpitis and the remaining pulp was capped with either zinc oxide eugenol, ProRoot mineral trioxide aggregate or(More)
OBJECTIVES During root canal preparation, apical extrusion of debris can cause inflammation, flare-ups, and delayed healing. Therefore, instrumentation techniques that cause the least extrusion of debris are desirable. This study aimed to compare apical extrusion of debris by five single-file, full-sequence rotary and reciprocating systems. MATERIALS AND(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of the present study was the immunohistochemical evaluation of VEGF and VII factors in dog's teeth pulp revascularized with MTA and propolis. MATERIALS AND METHODS 144 mature and immature two rooted dog's premolar canals were selected. Pulp necrosis and infection were established after 2 weeks and the disinfection of the canals was(More)
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