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The study shows the effect of nonenzymatic glycation on conformation and inhibitory activity of chick pea cystatin (CPC). CPC was incubated with different reducing sugars, pentose (D-Ribose), hexoses (D-Glucose, D-Fructose) at 37 °C for 5 weeks. To evaluate the modification of CPC by these different sugars during the glycation process the extent of the(More)
The non-enzymatic reaction between proteins and reducing sugars, known as glycation, leads to the formation of inter and intramolecular cross-links of proteins. Stable end products called as advanced Maillard products or advanced glycation end products (AGEs) have received tremendous attention since last decades. It was suggested that the formation of AGEs(More)
The biological cells and extracellular matrix exhibit a highly crowded environment, called as macromolecular crowding. Crowding significantly influences protein structure and may lead to its aggregation. In the present study, buffalo heart cystatin (BHC), after purification from buffalo heart tissue, has been used as a model protein for studying effect of(More)
The main aim of wavelet-based numerical methods for solving partial differential equations is to develop adaptive schemes, in order to achieve accuracy and computational efficiency. The wavelet optimized finite difference method (WOFD) uses wavelets to generate appropriate grids to apply finite difference method. Its standard implementation carries out(More)
It is generally assumed that naked singularities must be physically excluded, as they could otherwise introduce unpredictable influences in their future null cones. Considering geodesics for a naked Reissner-Nordstrom singularity, it is found that the singularity is effectively clothed by its repulsive nature. Regarding electron as naked singularity, the(More)
Glycation induced advanced glycation end products (AGEs) of proteins formed as a result of Maillard reaction is currently at the heart of a number of pathological conditions. The formation of chemically stable AGEs can permanently alter protein structure and function; hence can serve as an implication in long term complications. Cystatins with high(More)
Pesticides are chemical substances that eliminate or control a variety of agricultural pests that damage crops and livestock. They not only affect the targeted pests but also affect the nontargeted systems, raising more concerns for their effect on both plant and animal systems. Cystatins (cysteine protease inhibitor) are ubiquitously present in all living(More)
ZnO-NPs have been widely used in biomedical fields such as therapeutics, cellular imaging, and drug delivery. However, the risk of exposure of nanoparticles to the biological system is not well understood. Nanoparticle-protein interaction is pivotal to understand their biological behavior and predict nanoparticle toxicity that is crucial for its safer(More)
We have obtained a new class of solutions for the Einstein-Maxwell field equations for static spherically symmetric spacetimes by considering the negative anisotropic pressures, which represents a potential model of a dark energy star. We take the equation of state pr = −ρ, where pr is the radial pressure and ρ is the density. We have also checked that for(More)