Ayyanampakkam Pandurangan Nambi

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A total of 77 skin swabs from canine pyoderma were subjected for culture and antibiogram. The Staphylococcus intermedius was isolated (60 %) along with other bacteria and fungi. It showed sensitivity to amikacin-72%, ciprofloxacin60%, gentamicin-56%, amoxicillinclavulanic acid-54% and complete resistance to ampicillin. The medical records analysis evidenced(More)
The efficacy of a novel topical combination of fipronil 9.8% (w/v) and (S)-methoprene 8.8% (w/v) (Fiprofort® Plus) was tested against ticks and fleas in naturally infested dogs. A total of fifty dogs were allocated in the study with ticks infestation (n = 35) and fleas infestation (n = 15). On day 0, thirty-five tick and fifteen flea infested dogs received(More)
In this study, milk and rumen liquor of stray cattle were found to contain measurable concentration of PolyChlorinatedBiphenyls (PCB). A notable finding in this study is that stray cattle have high level of PCBs where as the PCB in control group can not be detected. Since, reduction in space in the urban areas has pushed the cattle population to fend(More)
Canine babesiosis and canine ehrlichiosis are the major tick-borne diseases of dogs throughout the world. The concurrent infection between canine babesiosis and canine ehrlichiosis can occur in endemic regions with geographic variation in prevalence and major clinical manifestations (Assarasakorn and Niwetpathomwat, 2007). The prevalence of Ehrlichia canis(More)
A total of 134 clinical samples such as hair plucks and skin scrapings were collected from dogs with cutaneous lesions of alopecia, hyperpigmentation, and scales. A part of clinical material was directly examined under microscope after digestion with 10% potassium hydroxide. The remaining material was cultured in Sabouraud‘s Dextrose agar to study the(More)
Udder Injuries often reduces the milk yield and the sustainability of economic returns. Ultrasonography was deployed to study the nature and number of  stulous tract, which developed as a consequence to mid gestational teat injury in afourth parity Jersey crossbred.Teat ultrasonography revealed the discontinuity of teat wall with a singular  stular tract(More)
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