Ayushi Jain

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Squamous cell carcinoma of the renal pelvis is a rare neoplasm, often unsuspected clinically due to its rarity and ambiguous clinical and radiological features, and hence patients present at advanced stages resulting in poor prognosis. We report here four cases of incidentally diagnosed primary renal squamous cell carcinoma, treated at our hospital over a(More)
Schwannoma of frontoethmoid region is a rare presentation. We report a case of 11-year-old girl with a swelling at the root of nose and nasal dorsum. Based on clinical picture and radiological findings it was not possible to establish a definitive diagnosis. But the histopathological picture was suggestive of schwannoma. A novel surgical approach was(More)
OBJECTIVES The goals of this study were: (1) to obtain basic information about the effects of long-term use of mobile phones on cytological makeup of the hippocampus in rat brains (2) to evaluate the effects on antioxidant status, and (3) to evaluate the effects on cognitive behavior particularly on learning and memory. METHODS Rats (age 30 days, 120 ± 5(More)
This supplement to the paper provides all figures and substantial code listings which would not fit into the paper due to page limitations. Roadmap: The supplement is organized in the same manner as the main paper i.e. the section names in the main paper corresponds to the same section in the supplement for the easy reference. Note: In many cases, text from(More)
The hippocampus of brain is vulnerable to various physical and chemical stressors. In the present study the authors have investigated selective vulnerability of neuron cell bodies in various sub fields of left and right lobes of mice hippocampus. Animals were exposed to immobilization, forced swimming, heat and cold stress daily for 2 h. Treatment was given(More)
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