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The meshless approach has been applied to the internal and external boundary-value problems. In addition, the performance of the proposed method has been investigated numerically. The results of computations show that the proposed method has the sufficient accuracy for the case where total nodes increase. In addition, ILU(0)-preconditioned GMRES method is(More)
Two methods are proposed for accelerating the shielding current analysis in a cracked superconducting film: fast matrix-vector multiplication by the H-matrix method and variable reduction by the QR factorization. Both methods are implemented in a numerical code for calculating the time evolution of the shielding current density. By using the code, the(More)
This paper presents map-based data classification for hematopoietic tumor patients. A set of squarely arranged neurons in the map is defined as a block, and previously proposed block-matching-based learning constructs the map used for data classification. This paper incorporates pseudo-learning processes, which employ block reference vectors as(More)