Ayumi Muramatsu

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An increasing number of reports have recently been published on hybrid natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery (NOTES). These reports do not address how to complete an operation with a flexible endoscope alone (pure NOTES), but rather how to combine use of an endoscope and a laparoscope. Surgical procedures using flexible and rigid endoscopes have(More)
To achieve enhanced nitrogen removal, we modified a cultivation system with circulated irrigation of treated municipal wastewater by using rice for animal feed instead of human consumption. The performance of this modified system was evaluated through a bench-scale experiment by comparing the direction of circulated irrigation (i.e. passing through paddy(More)
Air turbine handpieces, electro-micro motors and electric engines are widely used as the dental cutting instruments for the clinical use. So, this paper examined the measurement of rotational torque of the high speed dental instruments used for cutting works. For the measurement of torque of the dental instrument, we have measured the pushing load of the(More)
Dental handpieces are usually used for cutting teeth instruments of dental treatments. But as ability appreciation of cutting instruments are widely influenced with cutting tools and then these studies have scarcely been reported until now. This paper shows the one method of the ability appreciation of handpieces which are used for test bur as the cutting(More)
The current study evaluated the effect of different anxiety states on information processing as measured by an electroencephalography (EEG) using emotional stimuli on a smartphone. Twenty-three healthy subjects were assessed for their anxiety states using The State Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) and divided into two groups: low anxiety (I, II) or high(More)
We designed a new cultivation system of rice with circulated irrigation to remove nitrogen from treated municipal wastewater effectively and assessed the possibility of nitrogen removal in the new system without any adverse effects on rice production through bench-scale experiments through two seasons. Overgrowth of the rice plant, which can lead to lodging(More)
Acrylic resin is widely used as a denture base material, but the upper complete denture fails often during use. Therefore, the denture base made from acrylic resin should be reinforced in some way. Therefore, as a new method of reinforcement on the denture base, the authors devised a method to improve the strength and rigidity by laminating the palatal(More)