Ayumi Kotani

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We calculate the polarization dependent spectra of resonant X-ray emission in TiF3, VF3 and Cr2O3, which have one, two and three 3d electron(s) in the ground state, respectively. We study the detailed mechanism of the spectral structures, comparing with a previous result of TiO2. Then we discuss systematically the difference of spectra with the change of(More)
The total and partial photoelectron yield spectra of all the trivalent rare-earth ions in the 4d giant resonance region are calculated with full multiplet effects. The decay processes are treated as coherent processes following photoexcitation. The results reproduce the over all features of experiments. It is obtained that the character of the(More)
The memory timescale that characterizes root-zone soil mois-3 ture remains the dominant measure in seasonal forecasts of land-climate in-4 teractions. This memory is a quasi-deterministic timescale associated with 5 the losses (e.g. evapotranspiration) from the soil column and is often inter-6 preted as persistence in soil moisture states. Persistence,(More)
We resolved a recent controversy on the structure of the Ce L(3) x-ray absorption spectra (XAS) of CeFe(2); i.e., which of the single impurity Anderson model (SIAM) and the first-principles band calculations based on the density-functional theory (DFT) describes more appropriately the Ce 4f states and their contribution to the Ce L(3) XAS? For this purpose,(More)
Polarization dependence of soft-x-ray Raman scattering was investigated at the Ti 2p absorption edge of TiO2. Strong Raman scattering feature appears about 14 eV below elastic peaks with strong polarization dependence. These Raman scattering structures are charge transfer excitations to the antibonding state between 3dL and 3d states, because they are(More)
Many-body effects on the oxygen 1s resonant x-ray emission spectrum (O 1s RXES) in copper-based oxides, such as Sr2CuO3 and La2CuO4, are discussed on the basis of cluster-model calculations. The Zhang-Rice singlet excitation, which is a typical many-body state in Cu-based oxide systems, can be detected at low temperatures where the antiferromagnetic(More)
We show that differences in parameter values of the Anderson model obtained from an analysis of the Ce 3d core level spectra between CeRhs and CeO2 well explain a remarkable difference in the Ce 4d core photoabsorption spectrum between the two by introducing interactions given by the Slater integrals and spin-orbit ones. The purpose of this work is t o(More)
We report high-resolution polarization-dependent resonant inelastic x-ray scattering (RIXS) at the O K resonance of NiO showing a rich excitation spectrum. We perform multisite Ni6O19 cluster model calculations, revealing that solid state effects are substantial. We identify a nonlocal charge transfer excitation at 4-5 eV and double-singlet creation at 1.75(More)