Aysha Sameen

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Forty patients with 63 Echinococcus granulosus cysts affecting different sites were treated with albendazole and have been followed up for at least 24 months from completion of therapy. Twenty-one patients (53%) with 37 cysts (59%) showed evidence of healing. The criteria and pattern of healing are outlined. The most serious complication of albendazole(More)
The metabolic syndrome is one of the most vibrant and widely prevailing health concerns worldwide. It is characterized by several metabolic abnormalities, which involve obesity, insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, enhanced oxidative stress; hypertension and increased pro-inflammatory state that ultimate contribute towards poor health. The prevalence of(More)
The businesses community of different sectors affected by current energy crisis in Pakistan tends towards dairy business. They are highly interested by the information on milk composition particularly of buffalo milk due to its major contribution in national’s milk production i.e. 63% according to the FAO’s published data of 2010. It is necessary to know(More)
Milk composition is an imperative aspect which influences the quality of dairy products. The objective of study was to compare the chemical composition, nitrogen fractions and amino acids profile of milk from buffalo, cow, sheep, goat, and camel. Sheep milk was found to be highest in fat (6.82%±0.04%), solid-not-fat (11.24%±0.02%), total solids(More)
Objective Increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) affects gastrointestinal system which may develop intestinal pathologies. Food resources comprising natural antioxidants with chemotherapeutic properties have greater demand in current marketplace Therefore, aim of present study was to assess the anti-oxidant potential of water-soluble peptides(More)
In the current exploration, sweet liquid whey was subjected to physicochemical analysis, minerals assay and amino acid profiling. It comprised of total solids, lactose, ash, crude protein and fat as 6.49±0.31, 5.26±0.26, 0.56±0.02, 0.81±0.03 and 0.25±0.01%, respectively. The results regarding mineral analysis indicated that whey contains appreciable amount(More)
The adverse health effects of dietary sodium demand the production of cheese with reduced salt content. The study was aimed to assess the effect of reducing the level of sodium chloride on the texture, flavor, and sensory qualities of Cheddar cheese. Cheddar cheese was manufactured from buffalo milk standardized at 4% fat level by adding sodium chloride at(More)
Edible coatings have beneficial effect on quality of fish and act as barrier against moisture transfer and uptake of oxygen. Edible coating made up of biodegradable materials is helpful to control the quality deterioration and enhance the shelf life. The present study was designed to elucidate the effects of whey based protein using two plasticizers i.e.(More)
Whey is an excellent food ingredient owing to its high nutritive value and its functional properties. However, composition of whey varies depending on composition of milk, processing conditions, processing method, and its whey protein content. The aim of this study was to prepare a whey powder from raw whey and to determine the influence of different(More)
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