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Reliable arrhythmia classification from complex electrocardiogram (ECG) signals is one of the most challenging pattern recognition problems. Several individual classifiers have been studied in the ECG domain. Also, parallel and serial classifier fusion systems have been proposed to increase the reliability. In this study, we are mainly interested in(More)
This paper proposes a new way of applying a differential evolution algorithm to short-term electrical power generation scheduling. Traditionally, the problem is divided into two subproblems. An evolutionary algorithm, which works with binary decision variables, is applied to the first subproblem to find a low cost scheduling of power generators, satisfying(More)
The Rijndael is a block cipher with variable block and key size. The Rijndael with 128 bit block size is adopted as the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in 2000 and has become widely used in the bulk data encryption. This work investigates the efficient implementations of the Rijndael for the 32 bit resource limited mobile devices using Java 2 Micro(More)
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