Ayse Arslan

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OBJECTIVES The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of ovariectomy on bone mineral density (BMD) and oxidative state in rats, and the alterations in these effects that vitamin C supplementation may produce. MATERIALS AND METHODS TWENTY FEMALE WISTAR ALBINO RATS WERE RANDOMLY DIVIDED INTO THREE GROUPS: control (C, n=6); ovariectomy (O, n=7); and(More)
Today, dry eye disease is a widely seen health problem. It is known that the disease affects %25-%30 of society. In the absence of early diagnosis and treatment, it may cause the occurrence of significant ocular surface damage and then formation of severe eye discomforts. Because of this, at the point of diagnosis and treatment of the common disease an(More)
Non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) are started to work by a lot of scientists in recent years. ncRNAs are playing important roles in the cell and many of them are waiting to be discovered. The Support Vector Machine (SVM) is quite widely used machine learning algorithm in classification problems. Classification process is being difficult when number of problem(More)
The effect of anesthesia on patient is expressed as the depth of anesthesia. The detection of appropriate depth of anesthesia is a matter of great importance in surgery. Too deep or too little anesthesia implementation may lead to many psychological and physical disorders on patients. Therefore it is necessary to keep the patient at the most appropriate(More)
We study a maritime fleet renewal and deployment problem under demand and charter cost uncertainty. A decision-maker for an industrial bulk shipping company must determine a suitable fleet size, mix, and deployment strategy to satisfy stochastic demand over a given planning horizon. She may acquire vessels in two ways: time chartering and voyage chartering.(More)
Depth of anesthesia is a matter of great importance in surgery. Determination of depth of anesthesia is a time consuming and difficult task carried out by experts. This study aims to decide a method that can classify EEG data automatically with a high accuracy and, so will help the experts for determination process. This study consists of three stages:(More)
The heart is the most important of the vital organs and heart diseases may cause fatal consequences. Abnormal heart sounds called murmur may be a precursor of many serious heart diseases. Cardiac auscultation is a basic technique to easily diagnose murmur disease. Auscultation can be supported by using computer aided automatic diagnosis systems to fast and(More)
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