Ayriz T Gunduz

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The nature and frequency of mutations in the rpoB gene of rifampicin (RIF)-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates vary considerably according to the geographical location, and very little information is available regarding specific mutational patterns in our country. The main objective of this study was to determine the frequency of(More)
BACKGROUND Diagnosis of tuberculous pleurisy is difficult and better diagnostic tools are needed. Interferon gamma release assays (IGRAs) are in vitro immunologic diagnostic tests used to identify Mycobacterium TB infections. They cannot differentiate between latent and active infections. As IGRA tests have recently been approved for the differential(More)
BACKGROUND Neuron-specific enolase (NSE) is the most sensitive tumor marker for small-cell lung carcinoma (SCLC) at the time of diagnosis. The main purpose of this study was to review the usefulness of serum NSE level as a prognostic factor in patients with SCLC and to determine the correlation between the NSE level and the stage of disease and response to(More)
It is essential to use easy, standard, cost-effective and accurate methods for identification and susceptibility testing of yeasts in routine practice. This study aimed to establish the species distribution and antifungal susceptibility of yeast isolates and also to evaluate the performance of the colorimetric and commercially available Integral System(More)
Anaerobes are important causes of pleural space infections. The aim of the study is to evaluate the role of the anaerobic bacteria in pleural infections. The study involved 278 consecutive clinical samples sent to the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory of Tertiary Chest Hospital. Anaerobes were isolated in 39 community acquired and five nosocomial cases out(More)
AIM Early identification and characterization of rifampicin-resistant (R(r)) Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates recovered from the samples of tuberculosis (TB) patients in the Aegean (West Anatolian) Region was intended. METHODS AND RESULTS Sixty isolates [47 (78.3%) multidrug-resistant (MDR)], which were identified as M. tuberculosis complex and(More)
Although the sensitivity and specificity of nucleic acid amplification assays are high with smear-positive samples, the sensitivity with smear-negative and extrapulmonary samples for the diagnosis of tuberculosis in suspicious tuberculosis cases still remains to be investigated. This study evaluates the performance of the GenoType Mycobacteria Direct (GTMD)(More)
In this study, Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex was detected by BD ProbeTec ET system in 4716 respiratory and 167 nonrespiratory samples [mostly (98%) smear negative). Sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values were 81.8%, 98.3, 85.1 and 97.9 for respiratory and 100%, 96.2, 64.7 and 100, for nonrespiratory samples, respectively.(More)
Nontuberculous mycobacteria were identified from 45891 samples of 19553 patients with a prediagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis between November 2004 and January 2009. Among 10041 (21.9%) culture positive samples, 208 (2.1%) pulmonary samples recovered from 77 individual patients were differentiated as mycobacteria other than tuberculosis (MOTT). Proportion(More)
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