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Article history: Available online xxx Keywords: Ocelet DSL Multi-scale Spatial and temporal modelling SOA a b s t r a c t The modelling of processes that occur in landscapes is often confronted to issues related to the representation of space and the difficulty of properly handling time and multiple scales. In order to investigate these issues, a flexible(More)
Nowadays, many industries and government can exploit Big Data to extract valuable insight. Such insight can help decision makers to enhance their strategies and optimize their plans. It helps the organization to gain a competitive advantage and provides added value for many economic and social sectors. In fact, several governments have launched programs,(More)
Nous rapportons deux cas de tuberculose du pied, l’un siégeant aux articulations scaphocunéenne, intercunéennes, scaphocuboïdienne et tarsométatarsiennes. L’autre au niveau du quatrième métatarsien. Les signes cliniques sont parfois trompeurs et doivent être complétés par des examens complémentaires (radiographie, TDM et IRM). La biopsie est indispensable(More)
Nowadays, researches on Smart Environments represent interesting challenges in pervasive computing. Indeed, remote services, wireless networks and miniaturized devices are becoming more and more diverse and affordable, as well as essential in our daily activities. Unfortunately, the most of these handled devices and services are rather isolated and cannot(More)
Recommender systems are valuable tools for providing suitable recommendations to users. In the last decade, the amount of online information have grown rapidly. Consequently, traditional recommender systems often raise some limitations like inefficiency problems when processing or analysing such large volume of data. Matrix factorization is one of the most(More)
Developing Peer-to-Peer (P2P) applications became increasingly important in software development. Nowadays, a large number of organizations from many different sectors and sizes depend more and more on collaboration between actors to perform their tasks. Since P2P applications are usually implemented as sets of strongly encapsulated functions, they can(More)
Class noise elimination in large databases is a real issue in data mining processing. In fact, class noise may sometimes lead to distortion or inaccuracy. So to overcome this problem, many techniques have been proposed. However, most of them don't have the capacity to deal with huge volume. In this context, this paper presents an architecture for class(More)