Ayotunde O. Laiyemo

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Improved capacity and reliability of wireless networks can be achieved by users onboard in a high speed train with the use of moving relay nodes (MRN) cooperating with each other. Further improvement in performance is achieved with codebook based precoders adopted by third generation partnership project (3GPP) for spatial multiplexed transmission mode. Open(More)
To obtain the appropriate number of layers for spatial multiplexing transmission on a high speed train equipped with moving relay nodes (MRN) cooperating with each other, the rank indicator (RI) is required. The conventional methods for calculating the RI have high levels of computational complexity and to dynamically obtain the RI based on the channel(More)
This paper focuses on improving the downlink throughput of the base station to train communication link in a high speed train (HST) scenario. First, we provide a theoretical study of the throughput maximization problem in a singlecell MIMO-OFDM train scenario with and without cooperation among carriages. The aim is to give fundamental insight into the(More)
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