Ayoola Ibifubara Aiyegbusi

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BACKGROUND Pulmonary complications, respiratory symptoms and depression are common occurrences which contribute to the morbidity and mortality seen in individuals living with HIV/AIDS. This study(More)
BACKGROUND Driven by a desire to improve basic medical science education, the department of Anatomy in the College of Medicine University of Lagos introduced the Problem Based Learning (PBL)(More)
BACKGROUND Flat foot is a common reason for attendance at children's orthopaedic clinics. Its prevalence which varies from one population to the other has been reported to be influenced by various(More)
Research on the epidemiology of football injuries in Africa is very sparse despite its importance for injury prevention planning in a continent with limited sports medicine resources. The vast(More)
Bromelain, an enzyme extracted from the stem of the pineapple plant, has been reported to reduce pain and swelling in acute soft tissue injuries, but no study has been done to compare its effect with(More)