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AIM This was to assess the possible impact of breastfeeding on the timing of eruption of the primary central incisors and the number of teeth erupted within the first 12 months of life. METHODS 1,016 children aged 3 to 12 months were recruited from the immunisation and out patients clinics, Ile- Ife, Southwest Nigeria. Mothers of the children were asked(More)
Background: The rate of total edentulism is said to be increasing in developing countries and this had been attributed mainly to the high prevalence of periodontal diseases and caries. Several reports have shown that non-disease factors such as attitude, behavior, dental attendance, characteristics of health care systems and socio-demographic factors play(More)
BACKGROUND To study the association between oral health behaviour of senior dental students in Nigeria and their gender, age, knowledge of preventive care, and attitudes towards preventive dentistry. METHODS Questionnaires were administered to 179 senior dental students in the six dental schools in Nigeria. The questionnaire obtained information on age,(More)
BACKGROUND The objective of this paper is to draw attention to the oral health needs of children in Nigeria, and promote the use of appropriate interventions for disease prevention in the population. It also evaluates the value of the ongoing twice-daily tooth brushing campaign, which focuses on promoting good periodontal health and its relevance for(More)
OBJECTIVE Caries is a major oral health problem children with efforts focused on promoting use of caries prevention methods. The aim of the study is to assess the effect of a school-based oral health education programme on use of oral self-care measures for reducing caries. METHODS A structured school-based oral health education programme was implemented(More)
BACKGROUND Students' motives for studying Dentistry have been a subject of interest for years because of the potential for understanding the psychological makeup and subsequent job satisfaction for the dentist. It is also useful in identifying expectations of the profession. This study therefore tried to identify study motives and career preferences of(More)
Author's response to reviews: see over RESPONSE TO REVIEWERS Thanks for the excellent review and feedback on our paper titled 'Determinants of preventive oral health behaviour among senior dental students in Nigeria'. The feedbacks were very constructive and it has helped to indeed improve the quality of the paper. Please find below how the authors have(More)
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