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Diseases associated with viruses also found in environmental samples cause major health problems in developing countries. Little is known about the frequency and pattern of viral contamination of drinking water sources in these resource-poor settings. We established a method to analyze 10 liters of water from drinking water sources in a rural area of Benin(More)
We demonstrated material-specific binding of the quantum dot emitters hybridized with GEPI on multi-material patterned microchips. These proof-of-concept results open up new opportunities in nanophotonics, allowing for more specific and controlled assembly of quantum dots in optoelectronic devices and building of novel molecular organic-inorganic hybrid(More)
This work investigates the strong quantum electroabsorption behavior in polar InGaN/GaN quantum heterostructures by carefully designing and controlling the quantum structure parameters and thus obtaining strong excitonic effects for the end goal of making a high-performance quantum electroabsorption modulator in blue. This is due to the reversed quantum(More)
Traditional quantum confined Stark effect is well known to lead to strong electroabsorption in multiple quantum well (MQW) structures, yielding only red-shift of the absorption edge with the externally applied electric field, independent of the direction of the applied field. However, a little is known the electroabsorption behavior in III nitride quantum(More)
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