Aynur Kaya-Çopur

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Dorsal closure is a tissue-modeling process in the developing Drosophila embryo during which an epidermal opening is closed. It begins with the appearance of a supracellular actin cable that surrounds the opening and provides a contractile force. Amnioserosa cells that fill the opening produce an additional critical force pulling on the surrounding(More)
BACKGROUND Higher animals generate an elaborate muscle-tendon network to perform their movements. To build a functional network, developing muscles must establish stable connections with tendons and assemble their contractile apparatuses. Current myofibril assembly models do not consider the impact of muscle-tendon attachment on myofibrillogenesis. However,(More)
RNAi technologies enable the testing of gene function in a cell-type- and stage-specific manner in Drosophila. The development of genome-wide RNAi libraries has allowed expansion of this approach to the genome scale and supports identification of most genes required for a given process in a cell type of choice. However, a large-scale RNAi approach also(More)
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