Aymeric Vié

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In turbulent particulate flows, the occurrence of particle trajectory crossings (PTC) is the main constraint on classical monokinetic Eulerian methods. To handle such PTC, accounting for high-order moments of the particle velocity distribution is mandatory. In the simplest case, second-order moments are needed. To retrieve these moments, two solutions are(More)
A new Eulerian model is derived for polydisperse moderately-inertial sprays with co-alescence: an Anisotropic Gaussian Velocity Closure conserves all the second order moments to render the spatial structure of the spray after Droplet Trajectory Crossing. Polydispersity is treated with a high order in size Multi-Fluid method where coalescence terms are(More)
In this work, we are interested in the modeling of spray polydispersion in size as well as size-velocity correlations, which may greatly influence the evaporation and the dynamics of the disperse phase. Vié et al. 2011 proposed a new model called Coupled Size-Velocity Moment method (CSVM), which handles the polydispersion using the NDF reconstruction(More)
With the large increase in available computational resources, large-eddy simulation (LES) of industrial configurations has become an efficient and tractable alternative to traditional multiphase turbulence models. Many applications involve a liquid or solid disperse phase carried by a gas phase (e.g., fuel injection in automotive or aeronautical engines,(More)
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