Ayman Mohhamedadel Helmi

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1. Diabetes and hypertension are both associated with an increased risk of renal disease and are associated with neuropathies, which can cause defective autonomic control of major organs including the kidney. This study aimed to examine the alpha(1)-adrenoceptor subtype(s) involved in mediating adrenergically induced renal vasoconstriction in a rat model of(More)
Liver transplantation is an effective therapy for end stage liver disease. Nevertheless in many areas of the world organ availability remains a major problem. We report here the success of the first living-related liver transplantation in Africa. The left lateral lobe of the mother was transplanted orthotopically to her 6 year old child suffering from liver(More)
Five patients with bilateral chronic recurrent parotiditis and ten patients with unilateral persistent paratoid gland fistulas underwent tympanic neurectomies. Two biopsy specimens from the diseased gland were examined. The first biopsy specimen was taken at the time of operation, while the second one was taken six months later. All specimens were subjected(More)
A syndrome of recurrent facial edema and paralysis was first described by Melkersson in 1928. Three year later, Rosenthal added furrowing of the tongue (lingua plicata). Orofacial swelling (orofacial granulomatosis) is the dominant manifestation and involves predominantly the lips. MRS is an uncommon condition; a preponderant occurrence in females is(More)
Primary cutis vertices gyrata is a rare condition of the scalp characterized by the formation of furrows and folds resembling the convolutions of the brain. A review of the English literature did not reveal any surgically treated cases. The authors report three cases treated by simple excision of the deepest furrows with a satisfactory result.
An experimental histopathological and histochemical work carried out in thirty guinea-pigs of an average weight of 475 gm. receiving oestrogen in the form of ethynyl oestradiol in a dose of 10 microgram/animal/day and aiming at a study of the effects of oestrogen on the respiratory nasal mucosa. The histopathalogical lesions of the respiratory nasal mucosa(More)
This study involved five patients suffering from bilateral chronic parotiditis and then with a persistent unilateral fistula of the parotid gland. Two types of parotid biopsy were examined: the first taken during surgery and the second six months later. All of the specimens underwent histopathological and histochemical investigations. Definitive(More)
BACKGROUND Quality management in plastic surgery has been limited to audit reports of individual clinical conditions, procedures and their outcomes, mortality rates, or other individual aspects of the field. METHODS This work was done as a part of the mission assigned to us from the Military Medical Directorate to work on and develop the policies and(More)
Introduction: Lengthening phalloplasty is an operation that results in increased length of the penile shaft. This procedure has been gaining popularity because of the increasing demand in the past few years. There are different surgical techniques to achieve the desired results. In this study we are describing a unique modified surgical technique with(More)