Ayman Mohamed Ebied

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We studied the effect of abolishing cutaneous sensation (by infiltrating local anaesthetic around the median nerve at the wrist) on the ability of 10 healthy volunteers (a) to maintain a submaximal isometric pinch-grip force for 30 s without visual feedback, and (b) to perform a fine finger-manipulation 'handwriting' task. Blocking cutaneous sensation had(More)
The importance of the medial patello-femoral (MPFL) and medial patello-tibial ligaments (MPTL) to the stability of the patella is undoubted. The purpose of this work was to present a technique for the reconstruction of both ligaments and prospectively record its outcome. Cadaveric part: the MPFL and MPTL were identified in five knee specimens. Sequential(More)
Carpal tunnel syndrome is encountered frequently in the every day practice for many orthopaedic surgeons and neurosurgeons. However, the rate of recurrence or incomplete relief is high and difficult to treat. This may be related to the high percent of anomalies of the median nerve and its surrounding tissues. A case of a split median nerve entrapped by an(More)
A reduced femoral offset in total hip replacement has been thought to be disadvantageous. We reviewed the results of 54 consecutive primary total hip replacements in 49 patients (mean age of 68 years) performed between August 1990 and December 1994, with a mean follow-up of 8.8 years (sd 2.1). The mean pre-operative femoral offset for these hips was 41 mm(More)
Proper function of serratus anterior plays a vital role in the movement and stability of the scapula, and thus of the glenohumeral joint and the upper limb. The unique anatomy of this muscle makes direct measurements of its fatigue properties impossible. Here we describe for the first time indirect measurements of the myoelectric manifestations of fatigue(More)
Background: Anatomic single bundle is a widely accepted technique for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction. The research question: are transverse pins safe to fix the ACL graft on the femoral side in anatomic single bundle ACL reconstruction? Material and Methods: Ten cadaveric femoral dry bones were tested in this study. Thirty mm long sockets(More)
BACKGROUND Staged revision for periprosthetic infection of the hip is an accepted and widely used technique by many surgeons. However, single-stage exchange of the hip prosthesis remains an attractive option to others because of the advantages of reduced morbidity, shorter treatment time and hospital stay in addition to the reduced cost of treatment. (More)
Nonunion of hip fractures is not uncommon. Total hip arthroplasty is used to salvage cases of non union or secondary arthritis in these fractures. However, this option may not be available or may be difficult to achieve when infection has superseded the site of nonunion. The objective of this prospective study was to assess if a staged protocol of treatment(More)
Objectives: The aim of this work is to show the value of MRI and MRA in evaluation of patients suffering from wrist pain. Background: Wrist pain is a common clinical complaint. The most common causes of wrist pain are traumatic & non traumatic abnormalities involving avascular necrosis, ganglia, and TFC lesions. MRI serves as a problem solving technique to(More)
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