Ayman Moghnieh

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The many-to-many social communication activity on the popular technology-news website Slashdot has been studied. We have concentrated on the dynamics of message production without considering semantic relations and have found regular temporal patterns in the reaction time of the community to a news-post as well as in single user behavior. The statistics of(More)
The success of Web 2.0 technologies in providing support for social interaction in educational spaces depends on how learning environments benefit from the affordances of Web 2.0 services. These services can be combined with the management of learning activities as done by IMS Learning Design (IMS LD) compliant systems. In this paper, we analyze the ability(More)
In this paper, we investigate ways for a tighter integration of IR and HCI in new urban contexts, as HCI expands its reach outside the workplace towards environments where efficiency and performance no longer constitute the backbone of interaction requirements. In particular, we propose to use Recall and Precision as design parameters to describe the(More)
Multi-authoring is currently a common practice in the field of contemporary storytelling but producing consistent stories that share a common narrative space when multiple authors are involved is not a trivial task. Inconsistencies, which are not always well-received by readers are sometimes expensive to fix. In this work we attempt to improve the(More)
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