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Soils from 100 irrigated fields (95 under vegetables, 5 under citrus) indifferent geographical locations in the West Bank (Palestinian Autonomous Territory) were surveyed forhymexazol-insensitive (HIS) Pythium species using the surface soil dilution plate (SSDP) method withthe VP3 medium amended with 50 mg/L hymexazol (HMI) (VP3H50), over a period of 12(More)
In order to upgrade the UV-protection and antibacterial functional properties of cotton/polyester (80/20), cotton/linen (50/50) and linen/viscose-polyester (50/50) fabric blends, they were treated with different plasma gases (oxygen, air, and argon) followed by subsequent treatment with certain metal salts namely Zn-acetate, Cu-acetate, Al-chloride, and(More)
In this article we evaluate the sensitivity of the risk factors of ocular hypertension progression in primary open angle glaucoma in order to distinguish between the three risk levels based on prediction classification models. The prediction classification models were trained and testing by using the most common risk factors from examination of 398 Egyptian(More)
BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS Living-related liver transplantation has helped to solve the problem of shortage of deceased organ donors. However, studies showed significant donor complications occurring with adult living liver donation. This study aims at assessing different causes of exclusion of potent living donor transplantation in Egypt. PATIENTS AND(More)
Innovative/efficient finishing systems for imparting multi-functional properties to cotton/polyester and viscose/polyester blends were developed. Factors affecting the extent of functionalization including type and concentration of the nano-hybrid, i.e. silver nanoparticles/polyvinyl pyrolidone hybrid (Ag-NP's/PVP) or zinc oxide nanoparticles/hyperbranched(More)
Restoration efforts in the Mediterranean Basin have been changing from a silvicultural to an ecological restoration approach. Yet, to what extent the projects are guided by ecological restoration principles remains largely unknown. To analyse this issue, we built an on-line survey addressed to restoration practitioners. We analysed 36 restoration projects,(More)
OBJECTIVE Documentation of the management of mass casualties in Tahrir Square. BACKGROUND We documented the sequences of our medical response to mass casualties in Tahrir Square between January 28, 2011, and February 4, 2011, at "Kasr El-Ainy" Cairo University Hospital, the largest hospital in the Middle East and the tertiary referral center for all(More)
Occludin (OCLN) is an essential factor for HCV entry through interacting with other surface receptors. The aim of this study was to investigate the epigenetic regulation of Occludin expression and to study its impact on viral infectivity. microRNAs expression was assessed using qRT-PCR, while OCLN protein expression was investigated by indirect(More)
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