Ayman H. Abd El-Aziem

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In this paper, we propose an image encryption scheme based on the development of a Hénon chaotic map using fractional Fourier transform (FRFT) which is introduced in order to satisfy the necessity of high secure image transfer. This proposed algorithm combines the main advantages of fractional Fourier transform domain (FRFT), chaotic Arnold cat map(More)
Robust and secure transmission strategy for high quality image through wireless networks is considered a great challenge. However, the majority of encrypted image transmission schemes don't consider well the effect of bit errors occurring during transmission. These errors are due to the factors that affect the information such as noise and multipath(More)
In this paper, we present a new voice encryption for voice communication system. It is based on permutation and substitution of voice samples using transform domains and secret keys in time. To increase the security we design the system such that it is multilevel in the sense that two chaotic maps are used. This provides the encrypted signal with a high(More)
Due to the growth of multimedia applications, the protection of this multimedia data becomes a very important issue of communication and storage; especially when it is transferred over an insecure channel, where apart from preventing illegal data access, images are used in many fields such as medical science and military. The protection of images can be(More)
In this paper we present the applications of image encryption techniques and channel coding techniques, to design scheme effective for secure image transmission over wireless channels, we present three proposed scheme as follow: First scheme apply image encryption by a combination of hybrid chaotic maps using Baker map and our proposed Hénon chaotic map 3(More)
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