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The concentration of dissolved insecticides in aqueous media was determined by chromatographic separation on polyurethane foam columns. The results of preliminary screening tests on the removal of insecticides by the unloaded polyurethane foam indicated that a reasonable percentage of the insecticides was retained on the foam. Therefore attempts were made(More)
The new type of the grafted polyurethane foam sorbents were prepared by coupling polyether polyol, toluene diisocyanate and basic dyestuff (Methylene blue, Rhodamine B and Brilliant green). The Me.B-PUF, Rh.B-PUF and Br.G-PUF were characterized using UV/vis, IR and TGA. The adsorption properties and chromatographic behaviour of these new adsorbents for(More)
The influence of different parameters on the sorption profiles of trace and ultra traces of gold (I) species from the aqueous cyanide media onto the solid sorbents ion exchange polyurethane foams (IEPUFs) and commercial unloaded polyurethane foams (PUFs) based polyether type has been investigated. The retention of gold (I) species onto the investigated(More)
There has been considerable interest during the last few years in using cellular (foamed) plastics (mainly polyurethanes) either unloaded or as a means of immobilizing hydrophobic organic reagents, powdered ion-exchangers or finely divided precipitates, for the collection and separation of inorganic or organic species from aqueous solution. Foamed plastics(More)
The preliminary screening tests on the preconcentration of lanthanum(III), aluminium(III), molybdenum(VI), gallium(III) and tungsten(VI) thiocyanate complexes in aqueous media by unloaded foam indicated a reasonable percentage of metal ions were retained on the foam. The influence of various parameters affecting the retention of these complex species from(More)
Autoxidation of sulphite is the first well known chain reaction proceeding through free radicals in solutions. Dark and photochemical autoxidation of sulphite were stated to take place by the same mechanism except in the initial steps. It was found that the formation of sulphite radicals in photoinitiated autoxidation of sulphite which is a metal catalysed(More)
A new method is described for the iodometric microdetermination of sulphur in organic compounds, using a 12-fold amplification reaction after oxygen-flask combustion. The method is based on reaction of the resulting sulphuric add with an excess of saturated barium bromate solution. The unreacted barium bromate is precipitated by addition of acetone,(More)
A standard Pregl absorption tube packed with polyurethane foam mixed with a cation-exchanger in the silver form, backed with a layer of "Anhydrone", and connected between the water and carbon dioxide absorption tubes and kept at room temperature, has been employed successfully for the simultaneous determination of chlorine or bromine together with carbon(More)