Ayman A Al Dayeh

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The expanding nasal septal cartilage is believed to create a force that powers midfacial growth. In addition, the nasal septum is postulated to act as a mechanical strut that prevents the structural collapse of the face under masticatory loads. Both roles imply that the septum is subject to complex biomechanical loads during growth and mastication. The(More)
INTRODUCTION The nasal septum is thought to be a primary growth cartilage for the midface and, as such, has been implicated in syndromes involving midfacial hypoplasia. However, this internal structure is difficult to study directly. The aims of this study were to provide direct, continuous measurements of the growth of the nasal septal cartilage and to(More)
The growth of the nasal septal cartilage is believed to be a driving force of midfacial growth. Cellular proliferation is an important contributor to growth of the cartilage, but this factor has been rarely investigated. The current study was undertaken to assess the proliferation and cellular density in the septal cartilage of fast-growing juvenile(More)
The cartilaginous nasal septum plays a major role in structural integrity and growth of the face, but its internal location has made physiologic study difficult. By surgically implanting transducers in 10 miniature pigs (Sus scrofa), we recorded in vivo strains generated in the nasal septum during mastication and masseter stimulation. The goals were (1) to(More)
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