Aylin Satir

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O-acetylated and non-O-acetylated sialoglycoproteins can be distinguished by the mPAS (mild periodic acid-Schiff) histochemical technique. Individual adults show one of three different patterns of staining of large intestinal mucosa: uniformly mPAS-positive, uniformly mPAS-negative, or mPAS-negative with scattered mPAS-positive crypts. To test our(More)
Mammary skin edema has been quantitated in 205 cases of T1, T2 and T3 breast cancer by mammographic measurement, and its prognostic significance assessed. Edema was present in 70% of patients and the incidence was directly related to tumor size. Edema was seen on occasions in all quadrants of the breast, but the inner and lower quadrants were the most(More)
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