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BACKGROUND Cyclins regulate the cell cycle in association with cyclin dependent kinases (CDKs). CDKs are under inhibitory control of cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors (CDKIs). METHOD In this study we tested the expression of CDKIs p15, p16, p21 and p27 by immunohistochemistry to determine the role of CDKIs in the initiation of primordial follicle growth.(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the acute effects of metformin therapy on biochemical markers and polycystic ovarian morphology among insulin-resistant (IR) and noninsulin-resistant (NIR) patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). DESIGN Prospective interventional study. SETTING Reproductive endocrinology clinic in a university hospital. PATIENT(S) Five IR(More)
PURPOSE Cryopreservation of blastocysts, especially those subjected to the trauma due to blastomere biopsy for the purposes of pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS), requires significant optimization. Laboratory and clinical outcomes were compared to determine the effect of two different cryopreservation techniques on the development of human(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the clinical symptoms associated with the diagnosis of pituitary gonadotroph adenoma in premenopausal women. DESIGN Report of three separate cases. SETTING University medical center. PATIENT(S) Three patients: a 31-year-old woman with primary infertility, recurrent adnexal masses, and highly elevated estradiol level; a(More)
OBJECTIVE There has been a marked decrease in the eradication rates of Helicobacter pylori infection with standard triple therapy worldwide. Hence, sequential therapy has gained attention as a promising treatment during the last few years. This study was carried out to compare the efficacy of sequential versus standard triple therapy in the context of(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken to compare clinical and biochemical characteristics of the insulin resistant (IR) and non-IR subphenotypes of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). STUDY DESIGN Infertile PCOS women were classified as IR (n=32) or non-IR (n=46) on the basis of fasting glucose and insulin levels. The incidence of acanthosis nigricans (AN),(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the signs and symptoms associated with hyperprolactinemia and establish guidelines for a minimal serum PRL level for which pituitary imaging is indicated. DESIGN Retrospective study. SETTING Reproductive endocrinology clinic in a university hospital. PATIENT(S) One hundred four consecutive patients with hyperprolactinemia, mean(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine the recurrence rate of hydrosalpinges after cuff neosalpingostomy in poor prognosis candidates. METHODS Forty consecutive patients with hydrosalpinx treated with cuff neosalpingostomy were included. Main outcome measures were recurrence rate of hydrosalpinx after cuff neosalpingostomy, intrauterine and(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe a case of a patient who had multiple follicular growth in the presence of an undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy (EP). DESIGN Case report. SETTING In vitro fertilization unit at a university hospital. PATIENT(S) A 34-year-old patient with secondary infertility. INTERVENTION(S) Superovulation with clomiphene citrate (CC) and IUI. (More)
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