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Tradition and modernity: Alevis' ambiguous terms and Turkey's ambivalent subjects
The terms 'modernity' and 'tradition' have lately become omnipresent analytic categories in respect of the study of religion and society, not only in the Middle East but also elsewhere. Recently, theExpand
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Negotiating Insider and Outsider Identities in the Field: “Insider” in a Foreign Land; “Outsider” in One’s Own Land
The authors present a self-reflexive and comparative account of their fieldwork experiences in Azerbaijan and Turkey to examine insider and outsider identities of researchers in settings that areExpand
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Westernization as Cultural Trauma: Egyptian Radical Islamist Discourse on Religious Education
In this article, the relation between the Westernization experience and the radical Islamists reaction in Egypt is examined. It is argued that it is necessary to focus on the historical imaginationExpand
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Social Dynamics of Global Terrorism and Prevention Policies
Over the course of the first decade of the third millennium, terrorism has become a phenomenon that no state, society, or individual can afford to ignore. Particularly in the post-9/11 world,Expand
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The Byzantine Mosque at Trilye: A Processual Analysis of Dominance, Sharing, Transformation and Tolerance
This paper analyses the history and current utilization of an edifice in Northwestern Anatolia that was constructed in the eighth century as a Byzantine church, converted into a mosque in theExpand
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Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s ascent to the leadership of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) in May 2010 represents the rise of a social democratic challenge to the current securitized policy discourse andExpand