Ayineedi Venkateswarlu

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Complexity measures for sequences over finite fields, such as the linear complexity and the k-error linear complexity, play an important role in cryptology. Recent developments in stream ciphers point towards an interest in word-based stream ciphers, which require the study of the complexity of multisequences. We introduce various options for error linear(More)
Recently the first author presented exact formulas for the number of 2 n-periodic binary sequences with given 1-error linear complexity, and an exact formula for the expected 1-error linear complexity and upper and lower bounds for the expected k-error linear complexity, k ≥ 2, of a random 2 n-periodic binary sequence. A crucial role for the analysis played(More)
A standard model of nonlinear combiner generator for stream cipher system combines the outputs of several independent Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR) sequences using a nonlinear Boolean function to produce the key stream. Given such a model, cryptanalytic attacks have been proposed by finding out the sparse multiples of the connection polynomials(More)
An acyclic edge-coloring of a graph is a proper edge-coloring without bichromatic (2-colored) cycles. The acyclic chromatic index of a graph G, denoted by a ′ (G), is the least integer k such that G admits an acyclic edge-coloring using k colors. Let ∆ = ∆(G) denote the maximum degree of a vertex in a graph G. A complete bipartite graph with n vertices on(More)
A publicly verifiable secret sharing (PVSS) scheme is a verifiable secret sharing (VSS) scheme in which anyone, not only the shareholders, can verify that the secret shares are correctly distributed. PVSS plays an essential role in the systems that use VSS. In this paper we present a new construction for PVSS scheme based on Paillier encryption scheme.We(More)