Ayhan Istanbullu

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Offline analysis pipelines have been developed and evaluated for the detection of covert attention from electroen-cephalography recordings, and the detection of overt attention in terms of eye movement based on electrooculographic measurements. Some additional analysis were done in order to prepare the pipelines for use in a real-time system. This real-time(More)
The spectrum of EEG has been studied to predict the depth of anesthesia using variety of signal processing methods up to date. Those standard models have used the full spectrum of EEG signals together with the systolic-diastolic pressure and pulse values. As it is generally agreed today that the brain is in stable state and the delta-theta bands of the EEG(More)
Computer assisted instruction in education, including biomedical engineering education, has been explored and changed dramatically for more than two decades. The Internet, with its capacity to transmit synchronous and asynchronous audio, text, and graphics, presents educators with tremendous opportunies for distance education and independent learning. In(More)
The food industry relies on a rapid and accurate separation and classification of fruits immediately after harvest before spoilage sets in. This study developed a prototype machine for olive fruit separation with image processing technology, founded on the changing hues of the olive fruit according to their level of maturity. The operating principle of the(More)
The telecommunications play an important role in today’s market dynamic. In the last decade a dramatic change in the ownership structure of telecommunications companies has taken place, from public (state-owned) monopolies to private companies. The rapid development of mobile telephone networks and video and Internet technologies has created enormous(More)
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