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This paper addresses gait recognition, the problem of identifying people by the way of their walk. The proposed system consists of a model-free approach which extracts features directly from the human silhouette. The dynamics of the gait are modeled using Hidden Markov Models. Experiments have been carried out on the CASIA dataset C consisting of 153 people(More)
The goal of this work is to evaluate 3D keypoints detectors and descriptors, which could be used for quasi real time 3D object recognition. The work presented has three main objectives: extracting descriptors from real depth images, obtaining an accurate degree of invariance and robustness to scale and viewpoints, and maintaining the computation time as low(More)
In this paper, we propose a new 3D object recognition method that employs a set of 3D keypoints extracted from point cloud representation of 3D views. The method makes use of the 2D organization of range data produced by 3D sensor. Our novel 3D interest points approach relies on surface type classification and combines the Shape Index (SI)-curvedness(C) map(More)
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