Ayesha Rahman Ahmed

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The intent and purpose of the authors is to familiarize the reader with the principles that govern the diagnosis and management of autoimmune mucocutaneous blistering diseases. The purpose was not to be all-inclusive but illustrative. There are several other blistering diseases that have not been discussed because of the limited scope of this article. Of(More)
In cardiac magnetic resonance imaging, hyperenhancement of the pericardium post gadolinium administration in acute chest pain often signifies pericarditis with an acute inflammatory response and neovascularization. In the context of constrictive pericarditis, case series have indicated that the intensity of hyperenhancement and the thickness of the(More)
Iron poisoning has been linked to morbidity and mortality due to iron overdose or chronic iron deposition in the body. It is a big challenge to treat the iron overload associated diseases including hemochromatosis, thalassemia and sideroblastic anemias. Although, therapeutic phlebotomy is still the cornerstone therapy in the patients with hereditary(More)
Community acquired Pneumonia is a frequent infectious disease in our country having a high occurrence rate. It causes high fatality at the extremes of ages in the population. Hence, a detailed study has been attempted to study the differences among patients’ outcomes with community acquired pneumonia hospitalized for acute infection during different seasons(More)
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