Ayesha Kulsoom

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A new block cipher for gray images is proposed in this paper which fully utilizes whole set of DNA complementary rules dynamically for encoding and decoding each pixel of a block. The most significant (MSB) part of each block is added under DNA addition operation with least significant (LSB) while LSB part itself get encrypted by chaotically selecting(More)
A novel image encryption algorithm in streaming mode is proposed which exhaustively employs an entire set of DNA complementary rules alongwith one dimensional chaotic maps. The proposed algorithm is highly efficient due to encrypting the subset of digital image which contains 92.125 % of information. DNA addition operation is carried out on this MSB part.(More)
A Modified Dual Fusion (MDF) technique of image encryption is proposed in this paper to overcome the limitations that exist in the original research work of Q. Zhang et al. (Optik 124:3596–3600, 2013). A novel technique of DNA encoding is applied through chaotic maps on pixel level and SHA-256 hash of the plain image is used to generate secret keys to avoid(More)
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